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Engineers Without Borders at KTH


About the organisation:

Engineers Without Borders Sweden works to address challenges linked to the Sustainable Development Goals, both in Sweden and around the globe. Through improvements in education, equality, energy poverty and access to water and sanitation we strive to make a sustainable and long-term impact with our work, for local communities and the Earth as a whole. 

The local group at KTH is made up of around 50 active volunteers consisting of students, PhDs, and researchers. We work closely with the other 10 local groups around Sweden that make up the national organisation. You can read more about Engineers Without Borders here.

At KTH our core work is our International Projects, but we also organise lectures and workshops through The Reflective Engineer, and have ongoing Inspire Youth workshops that help engage young people in further studies and engineering. In 2018 we are hoping to start an Engineer2Engineer initiative to help newly arrived engineers in Sweden find jobs and build their networks.

If you have any questions about EWB at KTH, please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant member of our management team!

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Management Team

The management team at KTH work together to maintain and develop the organisation. The team currently consists of 10 volunteer positions, responsible for the different divisions within the organisation, as well as all activities on campus. The management team is disbanded and reformed democratically once per year, when members have a chance to vote in a new management team.

Management Team 2018-19

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Available Positions (Updated 8th September 2018):

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Current International Projects

Wind Power for Tanzania:


A team of 15 volunteers worked for the first project implementation since January, 2016. In July, 2017, 4 volunteers went to Tanzania to install our first 1 kW wind turbine and 2 x 260 W solar hybrid to a remote village without electricity. With the help of 3 experienced engineers and 8 volunteers from Tanzania, the project was implemented within 3 weeks. The turbine and the solar panels now power girls' and boys' school dormitories. 

The project will now continue in 2017-18 with a focus on a new location in Tanzania.

Though most of our members are KTH Royal Institute of Technology students, we are interested in working with everyone who would love to contribute! Send us an an email or message us on Facebook, and we will get back to you with more information. 

Our main sponsor who supported us for our first turbine implementation is InfraLinx - specialist infrastructure development company, and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 

Our partner in Tanzania is non-governmental organisation "I love Wind Power Tanzania".

Inspire Projects

Programming Workshops:

After a successfull trial run in May 2016, we now continue with our programming workshop for children ages 8-19. The initiative is a collaboration between Engineers Without Borders, the Red Cross and Yennenga Progress. 

Children are taught basic programming to boost their interest in science, coding, math and technology. The goal is also to increase creativity and self-confidence among the participating children. In the long run we hope more children will seek higher education, potentially as engineering students. 

The programming workshops take place once a week, both in Rinkeby and in Hallunda.

For more information check out our website and follow us on Facebook!

Completed International Projects

Computers for Schools:

A project aiming to install a power efficient and easily accessible computer setup for schools, with the main objective of providing better education. Using a Raspberry Pi’s based network system, where the Raspberry Pi itself serves as general purpose computer, the students will gain access to the internet and digital educational resources (offline) including basic software like encyclopaedia, word processing, translation, vocation specific software etc.

Water supply system in Uganda:

The purpose of this project was to support a health center that was in need of clean water. The health center is located in a village named Kulikulinga, which is located in Yumbe District, northwestern Uganda. Due to the high need for clean water, the health center had for a long time wanted a more sustainable water supply system. Therefore, we decided to solve the problem in the best way possible by mounting a rainwater-harvesting tank and installing an additional water purification system. We also educated teachers at different schools and the staff at the health center about how water can be purified by using solar energy and PET-bottles.


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